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M. Kava
Artist | Traditional Art
United States
Current Residence: Midwest Minnesota
Favourite genre of music: Rock (Oldies to the New), Grunge, Heavy Metal, Punk, etc
Favourite style of art: Pop Art (the colouring style) and Realistic-styled
Operating System: XP Pro / Fedora Core
MP3 player of choice: Winamp / Pandora|One
Skin of choice: The one on my skinny-ass bones. Thank you.
Favourite cartoon character: If I had to choose, Tom and Jerry.
Personal Quote: Gaming Addict Since 1993.

Journal History

  • Listening to: 'Programming Radio' on Pandora|One
  • Reading: Raymond Fiest's "Krondor the Betrayal"
  • Playing: SMG2 (awesome!), Castlevania HD (not so good..)
  • Drinking: Cherry Coke
I'm not very good at keeping up to date with my blog and really anybody I don't see all that often. And this has been even more neglected. ~18 months is a bit of latency. >.< As its 4am and it seems like a good idea, here goes.

* Start fourth year of college this Monday. Still Computer Science. Still teaching Taekwondo (just Moorhead and West Fargo, the former all-the-time). Developing software and being a punk at NAU Country Insurance in Fargo, started there in May '09 as an intern and advanced to Jr Software Developer thus far.

* Still with my girlfriend Sarah from Summer '08. We've lived together for over a year and in a new place in the city with another person to boot.

* Got Midco internet when I moved to the new place. Totalllly so much better than CableOne of the last year. 40$ monthly for 20down/2up... which is 4x for 15$ less in comparison with CableOne. And my Internet is actually up most of the time! Fffffffuck CableOne and yay Midco Communications!

* I still don't draw much. I do attempt to write and be creative in venues like that, as they seem to lend more to my usual environment of being in front of a keyboard for far-too-many hours a day. I did purchase a couple keyboard gel pads. Let's me type faster, with more mistakes, for longer, with less discomfort.

* Oh, tested for my 3rd Dan in Taekwondo. That was in June, promotion in July. I get my belt sometime in the next month. Anybody who is realllly curious can message me or some-such. Not to be callous, but I may not want to talk about it besides saying it's stupid, wasteful, and annoying. =]

* I still have a full year of classes to take after this semester. Hoping to be out of MSUM by Fall 2011, but ready to make it Spring 2012 if I have to.

* Re-reading old favorites is always a blast. Especially when it's an entire author's works from beginning to end (in story-centric historical order this time!).

* _Just_ started playing DnD Pathfinder with a group of guys at work. Besides the fact that the schedule is all over the place, looks like it's going to be a blast. Half-elf bard with a silver tongue and a swift wrist (wrist sheaths, rapiers, daggers.. Oh my!) in Kingmaker campaign. Really looking forward to it, especially as this is my first bard to actually be with the group at campaign start (instead of being tacked on a level or two behind everyone else).

* Still on IRC via NFNet ( under the usual handle of Mkava. Lots of fun programming tasks related to that, including making entirely new backend services and website (and converting IdleRPG from Perl to Python with my modifications/additions (lots of additions)).

* Still playing games besides. Played through Mass Effect 2, tried to play Dragon Age: Origins (too slow even for my tastes), Darksiders was a bunch of fun... just not enough time and a bit repetitive (haven't finished, ~halfway through), Castlevania: Symphony of Despair.. sucks, no local co-op burns, DnD Pathfinder.. as of Friday (yesterday), Super Mario Galaxy 2 is just like the first one but it tries to improve and does so tenfold, Call of Duty: MW2 was fun while it kept my interest (comes and goes every few weeks), Halo: ODST was fun... finally beat Halo 3 campaign, looking forward to Halo:Reach (Beta was awesome!) and other games for later this year (Donkey Kong Country: Returns!, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, Metroid: Other M). Gaming gaming gaming! Gotta love it. =)

That seems like about it. The usual busy schedule every weekday starts Monday. At least, this semester I have Thursday mornings sort-of off.
Well, until next time. Feel free to zip me an email (if you got the address), a note if you want a private conversation, here if you want to chit-chat publicly, or catch me at my blog (
Later folks and thanks for reading my ramblings.=D

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